My Mini Meals


What does that even mean? Let me explain.

Most everyone has heard of the Spanish Tapas. In a way, we consider these mini meals. Appetizers fit that description, too.

So how can an appetizer, that is, a food intended to start a meal, become the meal, itself?

It can. But it doesn’t have to.

Sometimes a small meal makes perfect sense. Maybe you aren’t very hungry. Sometimes a smaller meal for lunch makes sense. Or even for dinner, following a larger lunch.

Or perhaps you stepped on the scale and decided it was time to cut back.

You see, we tend to eat more than what is healthy. Did I say more? In many cases, it means a lot more. When food tastes good, it’s easy to help yourself to seconds. Maybe even thirds.

So, you might cut that main course into two smaller portions. Enjoy half now and the rest for another dinner in the next day or two. That works. These mini meals fit in with that plan, too.


Other reasons you might want mini meals


But cutting portions is only one reason for mini meals. We, humans, tend to thrive on options and variety. That is part of the reason that buffets are so popular. You can choose from a huge array of tempting foods.



Variety Meals 

By making mini meals, you can actually make these into a variety meal (make 2 or more different recipes for a meal) or make several and keep for those quick meal options.


Whether your gathering consists of just a few friends or a larger crowd, mini meals make the perfect buffet that impresses everyone. Since the portions are smaller, guests might choose several as a sampler plate. And many of these appetizers serve as finger food, too.

Need one more reason? Health!

According to studies, including those by the Cleveland Clinic, many people find that eating smaller meals, more frequently, find that it helps increase their metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels, and provide nutrients through the day. It also helps keep your appetite satisfied!